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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to be released for ios & android

Are you a fan of power rangers ? A trailer posted on YouTube reveals that the Power Rangers franchise will win a multiplayer fighting game on Android and iOS mobile devices

“A real-time multiplayer fighting game featuring Rangers and historical villains, including the characters’ costumes in the feature film,” the developer said in the video’s description.

Legacy Wars is being developed by nWay and its release forecast is scheduled for March 2017.

The Power Rangers are getting a movie reboot from a studio that has had a lot of success with younger audiences with films like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and John Wick. The Power Rangers have been on TV for 24 years.

nWay, Lionsgate, and Saban brands have revealed the primary informations of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, a cell diversion that is planned to be propelled close by an up and coming Lionsgate film.

The cell diversion is the essential to capacity vitality Rangers from the moving toward Lionsgate highlight film, and it suits with the general subject of huge brands attempting to jump into the $36 billion cell amusement industry.

The game is developed by nWay in association with film studio Lionsgate and establishment proprietor Saban brands. The title will be a genuine time multiplayer player rather than member avoiding diversion on iOS and Android gadgets. it’ll make a big appearance in March 2017, that month with the motion picture hits (March 24).