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Top and Flops of 2016

Top and flops : Every day thousands of startups and innovative inventions are being generated in the field of hi-tech digital world. The 2016 has been a year of great success for some and resounding flop in the world of technology. We have seen explosive mobile phones, monsters VR, some videogame failures and some with incredible sales. All in an extraordinary year, which seems to have marked a new course for the smart world around us, and that is about the 2017 to give us a new emotions.

Tops of 2016

Let’s start with  Pokemon Go , VR game that boosted Nintendo shares, while showing the true potential of the mobile gaming world. The game in augmented reality has registered millions of downloads sweeping the world in the summer months, and suffering only a slight decline in recent times.

Next was Snapchat , from simple startup it has become a real millionaire phenomenon, winning the younger crowd and coming to launch its exclusive products like Smart glasses – the Spectacles .


Playstation , 2016 was a great year for the PS4 Sony too, the console has kept the podium in sales, especially through games of Uncharted 4 caliber which recorded top grades along with a great success. Sony wanted to open the track of virtual reality with another great success, its Playstation VR.  Which was  affordable yes best selling in the virtual reality display world. It was a great year for the Japanese company, which still claims as the king of video games.


Now let’s talk some of the Flops!

The photos of exploded phones gone viral in the Hi-tech industry. Is happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Millions of dollar were withdrawn from the market because of the explosive drums viral news . A real disaster for the Korean company that has found itself having to run for cover, and completely devoid of its technological jewel.

The next disaster happened with YAHOO. millions of accounts were already hacked before and this company urged its users to change their passwords for security reasons. The questions of security in yahoo was again raised in 2016. It was a serious issue which could lead to the final collapse of the brand.

Another flop was the No Man’s Sky game, the title is trying to get back on their feet through huge patch. The launch, however, earned him a straight attempt to charges of fraud by the consumer protection authorities. The cause? misleading advertising and description of a completely different game from the final product. A real flop, real fraud.

The Lily Camera  It was the flying camera which never saw a flight. Initially it sounded like a dream come true. You dont need a flying skills, just throw Lily in the air and watch it fly and it will record your activities, hikes, cycling and skating excursions. Is’t it a dream ? Actually the Lily camera won a coveted CES innovation award , which led it  over $34 million in pre-sales, but what happened to the product ? There’s not even a buy button anymore on its website.

We know that the list of top and flops inventions, startups and products of 2016 are more and even uncountable. But I just mentioned and discussed a very little top and flops of 2016 which highlighted and came in news. Hope you enjoyed.