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VPN on Android: Know the safest apps

Playing with VPN is serious on any platform. Unencrypted connections can not only steal your passwords, but also put your personal data in the hands of malicious people over the internet.

VPN on Android: Know the safest apps

And Android is no different. There are currently over 283 VPN applications to the Google mobile system and the vast majority does not offer any protection or guarantee that your data is traveling over secure connections.

To avoid falling into traps, GD has selected two Google Play apps that offer a safe experience:


In addition to secure and private connections in many locations around the world, Tunnelbear helps you block online crawlers and has a simple and fun interface.

In the free version, users can use up to 500 MB, or pay $ 7.99 / month for unlimited version. There is a promotion of $ 4.17 / month in annual repayment.

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Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a free service provided by SurfEasy Inc., a company owned by Opera. Just like the previous app, it also blocks ad crawlers and allows you to change your virtual location.

Totally free and unlimited, the app has no paid plans. To cover infrastructure costs, the company warns that it will be able to implement ads in the future.

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