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  • Apple will manufacture its iPhone in India

    There are still so much population on earth where the smartphones have not reached yet. And manufacturers still have a great opportunity to grow. India is one of them which has a great potential to grow any business. Its a big country with a large population of over 1,200 million, where Apple will start making […]

  • Again google becomes the most valuable brand in the world

    Despite the good sales against the problems faced by Samsung in 2016, Apple’s initiatives have disappointed the market and the public who expected more from the brand. As a result of this slowdown, Brand Finance claims that Apple lost the most valuable brand in the world to Google in which GOOGLE resumes its position after […]

  • Gmail will block JavaScript attachments in this February

    Are you a teacher, a student ? A web designer or a developer ? You must have lots of emails attached with JavaScripts exchanged with your friends. Here is a bad news for you. Yes gmail is banning JavaScript attachments from the second week of this february . Google has announced that it will block […]

  • Adobe adapts Android applications to Chrome OS

    Adobe recently announced a suite of Android applications that have been adapted for the Chrome OS operating system, which is featured on Chromebooks. Applications include Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Comp CC, and Creative Cloud Mobile; And are available for free download, expanding the creative options for students and professionals. READ […]

  • Boston Dynamics presents Robot capable of riding on wheels

    Founder of Google Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, presented during a conference in the United States, a new type of robot that has the incredible ability to ride on wheels. The robot, nicknamed “Handle“, it has a outstanding movement and balance. Seems the problem of balance in robot has been ended. ‘Handle’ is even able to […]

  • Google’s VR Spotlight Story Pearl Gets Oscar Nomination

    We have in our mind that oscar is only for the big banners and high budget cinemas. But the great Oscar  award has been kind to the latest technologies and low budget small projects with genius ideas too. “Pearl,” the animation short film for the Google Spotlight Stories project, was nominated for the 2017 Oscar. It […]

  • Donald Trump is not doing good

    Yes, Donald Trump administration’s decision to bann the entries from 7 major muslim countries’ immigrants is being heavily criticized everywhere. During a weekly meeting at Google in Mountain View, Calif.,  Google’s parent company Alphabet board chairman Eric Schmidt said the Donald Trump administration is promising to do ‘bad things’ in future. According to Schmidt, this […]

  • VPN on Android: Know the safest apps

    Playing with VPN is serious on any platform. Unencrypted connections can not only steal your passwords, but also put your personal data in the hands of malicious people over the internet. VPN on Android: Know the safest apps And Android is no different. There are currently over 283 VPN applications to the Google mobile system […]

  • Google announced a $ 4 million cash fund to US immigration organizations

    Google has started to step against Trumps administration. (Read – Google co-founder Sergey Brin attends protest against Trump) In response to President Trump’s executive order banning the entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, which claims to “harm US security interests and reputation,” Google has announced a $ 4 million cash fund. US immigration organizations […]

  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin attends protest against Trump

    Recently after the announcement of Trump administration which circulates more draft immigration restrictions, focusing on protecting U.S. jobs only for US native citizens. People have already started to protest against Trump administration. The search engine empire Google always believes in talents and creativity of a person either he is an immigrant or native citizen. It […]

  • Google Pixel 2 with better camera

    Industry rumors point out that Google Pixel 2, the successor to the newly released Google Pixel, is expected to be a better camera enhancements and higher price in its 2017 version. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel 2 has been built to have some kind of water resistance and a camera capable of taking photos even […]

  • Chrome OS will support convertible tablets and notebooks

    For some time Chrome OS has remained true to only notebook type, but Google now hopes to add a “greater variety of ways” so that the operating system can work on convertible tablets and notebooks. In order to be able to equip different types of devices, the search engine intends to make changes and improve […]

  • Top and Flops of 2016

    Top and flops : Every day thousands of startups and innovative inventions are being generated in the field of hi-tech digital world. The 2016 has been a year of great success for some and resounding flop in the world of technology. We have seen explosive mobile phones, monsters VR, some videogame failures and some with […]

  • iPhone7: charging is really slow

    As we all know, Apple has introduced various interesting innovations such as key note, apple TV, smart watches, ipads and more. Among them, iPhone is one of the most popular and successful innovation. In the new iPhone 7, they promised us to increase the battery life and reduce the problems. It will be capable of […]

  • Apple maps – a challenge to Google

    Apple is always facing a tough competition with the giant Google in the field of world technology. There are many fields of battle between the two companies, but now the heart of this confrontation is the management of maps and mapping of the planet earth. For years, Google has made an empire on the world […]

  • Chrome OS will support Android Nougat apps

    Currently Chrome OS has a somewhat annoying limitation: the operating system can only run Android 6.0 compatible applications Marshmallow. However, Canary’s experimental versions of Chrome OS say it has been working to allow Chromebooks to also run Android 7.0 Nougat apps in the near future. The information was published by ChromeUnboxed , based on feedback […]

  • Uber hires Amit Singhal, responsible for google search

    Uber made an important announcement today: the hiring of Amit Singhal, the engineer responsible for the great advances in Google‘s search system. Singhal, who worked at Google for 15 years, was the first person allowed to repair the google search engine algorithms developed by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to the hitchhiker’s company, […]

  • Google’s Project Titan drones is cancelled

    Project Titan Drones, the program of drones that Google planned to transmit the internet to Earth using solar-powered aircraft, is officially canceled. Acquired by Google in 2014, the company Titan Aerospace was negotiated by Facebook for 60 million dollars. The amount paid by Google was not disclosed at the time. With the project closing, more […]

  • Is google shutting down the blogger ?

    Is google shutting down the blogger ? We all know that blogger is good platform to start blogging without any technical knowledge in internet. Its free and easy to handle. Easy to implement adsense too. To reach the readers, blogger is the most easy way which does not require any knowledge or effort for the […]

  • iPhone 8 will be wireless charging

    Yes you read it right. The next invention of Apple technology will be wireless charging iPhone8. We have reviewed a lot about the short battery life and problems regarding battery of the previous versions of iPhones several times. Today also we are going to talk on this matter but its not about the battery problems […]

  • Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to be released for ios & android

    Are you a fan of power rangers ? A trailer posted on YouTube reveals that the Power Rangers franchise will win a multiplayer fighting game on Android and iOS mobile devices “A real-time multiplayer fighting game featuring Rangers and historical villains, including the characters’ costumes in the feature film,” the developer said in the video’s […]

  • Tips to ensure the security of your blog

    How to secure of your blog from hack Have you ever wondered if your blog is safe from the myriad of hacks? Surely you invest hours of your daily time in building attractive and quality content and need to protect it from hacking, just as you protect your properties and privacy on the internet. Today, […]

  • How to report plagiarism to google ?

    The most irritating disadvantages of posting blogs on internet is your contents can be copied without your consent or stolen. If the material is a text or an article this is called plagiarism. If your contents is copied by someone and posted on their blogs, you must complain to google about this. Blogger’s complaint form […]

  • Google denies removal of Palestine from Maps

    After generating a certain controversy for allegedly removal of Palestine from a region neighboring Israel, Google issued a press release denying any action on the map service: “There was never a ‘Palestine’ label on Google Maps, however, we discovered a bug that removed the tags for ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza Strip’. We are working quickly […]

  • Easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

    We all know that facebook is the most popular and user friendly social networking site. And it already has been a part of everyone’s daily life where most of us spend hours reading, chatting and surfing our friends, relatives and strangers. Do you know that there are many simple and easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts to […]

  • Who is Sundar Pichai, the highest-paid executive in the US?

    To be the highest-paid executive in the United States, one has to earn around $ 200 million. And this honor goes to the CEO of Google , Sundar Pichai. Born in India 44 years ago, he was compensated by announcing that he had been awarded a multimillion-dollar share of his company. He is the chief […]

  • How to get more Facebook LIKES and interaction ?

    You have a Facebook page so it is definitely there for a reason: involvement. There is no point of having a page with a few likes and followers and even fewer interaction. Many people decide to hit the market and just buy some followers but the huge drawback is that it is only “image” – […]

  • How to get google’s payment in Israel?

    Many publishers in Israel are making good money through their blogs using Google AdSense. I’ve noticed that Israeli bloggers have less interest to be a Google publisher unlike India, Portugal or other countries. But hundreds of foreigners residing in Israel are making money with this. Many of them don’t have Israeli bank account. That’s why they […]

  • Reasons that you are not making money from your blog

    Many bloggers on the internet are enjoying their blog with good earnings .Everyday more and more people are interested to make their online presence with their website or blogging platform. And they are making online revenues too but making money is not easy task. I have seen many ambitious bloggers complaining about not making money […]

  • More Google products in the hands of Sundar Pichai

    Record shows that Google search engine always welcomes and encourages the genious people on its company. Many tech geeks around the globe has officially contrinuted their knowledge to this giant corporation. According to the Recode website, Google’s CEO is so pleased with the work of Sundar Pichai, currently the chief development officer for Chrome and Android, who […]

  • How to plan and write great money making content ?

    Blogging is a decent way to get money online. You can favour a diary into a completed home commercialism. Notwithstanding, the fact is that more bloggers are not generating revenues, simply because they don’t set a priggish rivet. To earn from blogging you need to write money making content on your blog. Let’s see how […]

  • The secrets behind successful blogging

    Technically with the net, there aren’t really more secrets – it is a maneuver to sell varied products and services. When there is an unacknowledged to something, it makes the offer more inviting. Divagation from using the word as a income comment, more nowadays it is also victimized when only a midget percentage of the […]

  • Stop blogspot blog redirection to country specefic URL

    Do you have a blogspot blog ( If so you have noticed that google redirects its URL to the country specefic domains. If you open your blog from Israel it will be ( and if you open it from India it will be ( Google has advantages with this URL redirection as it can easily […]

  • Earned a verified certificate with a signature track

    It was exciting and enjoyable moment with Dr. Charles Severance, of  University of Michigan, on the coursera online class. Recently I have successfully completed Internet history Technology and Security course online & recieved a verified certificate with signature track. More interesting, it was the first coursera class to offer a virtual graduation ceremony online. Dr. […]

  • Friendfinder – An Affiliate Program for More Revenue

    Blogging has become not only an interest or passion of expressing your thoughts on the net, but its a part of your Internet business now. Lots of site owners have created many niche sites for the revenue purpose, and blog with ADULT contents may be one of them. Since your online revenue depends on the searches, visits, […]

  • Editing pages on Blogger got more easy

    Yes, we all know that bloger platform is super easy to start writing blogs. They made Editing pages on Blogger more easy. And its more easy to manage, organize, and over all edit the pages in the Blogger dashboard. The news was posted on Blogger Buzz and is now available for all users. As a […]

  • How to add Facebook and Twitter Buttons to Line Up Horizontally on Blogger

    How to add Facebook and Twitter Buttons to Line Up Horizontally on Blogger ? Social networking buttons are important to give the blog readers the option of sharing and interaction. Provide them the ability to connect with your site through social networks like Facebook and Twitter Buttons. The visitors of your blog may want to […]

  • How to install google plus comment on blogger?

    Comments are very important in the blogging world. Every post and every article should have the means of conversation or the ability to comment for the better interaction. Beside the default commenting system, you can install google plus comment on your site. To enable the google plus comment on your blogger blog, you need to […]

  • How to add an image logo on the title of your blog?

    Title is an important part of blogger. By twisting some simple codes on your template you can add an image such as your company logo, graphic art, pen, globe or any type of images to the post titles of your blog. You can also display animated gif images (like this-) on the post title. This […]

  • How to publish in blogger using an email ?

    Blogger is a google’s product and it’s a free and most useful platform, to express your thoughts, views and experiences in a form of blog. Which allows you to have a website experience even if you lack of the knowledge of Web-design or hosting. It helps to publish your articles on the internet, having a […]

  • My story with Google Adsense – 10 years of celebrating partnership

    It is proved that Google Adsense has been the best platform to generate online revenue for the web publishers. It is the free and best way to earn money from the content we publish on the internet. Read How to implement Google AdSense best way & Make More Money 30 Tips for Creating a Successful […]

  • Google Adsense highest paying keywords 2013

    A lots of people are asking me how much income do you get from google adsense? How many dollars do you get in one click ? I always answer – it depends on. What does it mean ? Today I’m going to give you some keywords which are paying up to 150$ in a single […]

  • How to make a clickable link in facebook status ?

    Posting a facebook status has been a part of our daily life. The facebook status not only represents your online presence but also helps you to increase your TRP 😉 popularity & social access. When you tag someone on your status, it will be converted to a clickable link (targeted to his profile) automatically. But […]

  • How to install a Blogger Template?

    How to install a Blogger Theme ? Installing blogger template XML file is very easy. But sometimes this process can be tricky depending on several factors (quality of the code in the new template, your existing widgets on the sidebars, gadgets, etc) so you need to be careful when changing your template. Here is a […]

  • How to install a wordpress theme?

    How to install a wordpress theme?  1. Choose your favorite theme among the themes of or any other sites that provide WORDPRESS theme to download.  Select a template that will fit your needs. Once you find a good WordPress template that you like, preview it (click its live demo button) to see its display and […]

  • How to implement Google AdSense best way & Make More Money

    Most bloggers know how to handle Google adsense in a proper way, but there is a question in our mind on how to best use this system of ads on your blog to earn more money with your blog . Certainly there are no magic formulas to make lots of money quickly and effortlessly. Many […]

  • How to display author image in every post title of blogger?

    Displaying a blogger’s photo beside each blog post’s title may be an attractive idea. By applying this tricks on your blogger blog, your blogger profile image will appear in your every post titles. You don’t have to upload any profile images seperately. Specially this idea is very useful for those blogs having multiple authors and […]

  • 30 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

    If you are thinking to make an effective and a successful blog, you are in a right place . I have made ​​a complete list for creating a successful blog in 30 steps. After going through these points you will find out the way to think, create and maintain a successful blog . Here we […]