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    Facebook earns 75% more in the first quarter

    Facebook closed the first quarter accounts with a turnover of $ 8.03 billion. That represents a 50% increase when compared to revenues a year ago. The largest social network on the Internet Facebook has a competetion on advertisement with Google the most sophisticated technology in Silicon Valley. Facebook profit rose to 3,065 million, up 75%. Facebook […]

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    Facebook announces improvements in its Video Rights

    Facebook has announced the launch of New automated tools to improve its support for the business objectives of Rights Manager users. Rights Manager is a tool launched by the company some time ago, which aims to help its users protect their videos on a large scale by helping them find matches with content posted on Facebook. […]

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    Make money with Facebook Instant Articles

    Instant Articles is a product launched by Facebook over a year ago which allows publishers to create quick and interactive articles for users of this social network. Initially Instant articles were only available for few hundred publishers, but from the month of April 2017 its commonly available and thousands of publishers are already into this exciting experiment. It […]

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    Do you know what is the Facebook’s Personal Fundraiser is ?

    Facebook has announced the launch of Personal Fundraisers, a tool that will allow social network users to start a fundraiser for non-profit initiatives. Some are criticising facebook for this as an act of the copying of Gofundme, but Facebook stated that they are committed to building tools that help to build a global community of support and […]

  • A man hanged his 11-Month old daughter on facebook live and killed himself

    BANGKOK, Thailand – An angry man in Thailand upset with his wife hanged his 11-month-old daughter and broadcasted the crime scene on Facebook Live and then killed himself. Police Officers found the bodies of Wutissan Wongtalay, 20, and the 11 month baby in an abandoned hotel in Phuket province, Thailand, after receiving informations about the […]

  • The camera and the VR stand out in the event of Facebook for developers

    Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed the importance of the camera in any communication today and has shown new tools for users and creators. Facebook has celebrated the first day of its annual F8 developer event, where company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed the importance of the camera in any communication today and has shown new tools […]

  • ‘Facebook Assassin’ commits suicide after police chase

    Police in Pennsylvania announced Tuesday that Steve Stephens, dubbed a Facebook killer, committed suicide after being cornered by local police cars in Erie. Stephens, who broadcast live on Facebook a video in which he coldly killed an elderly man from Cleveland, Ohio, and announced his intention to continue committing killings because of a disillusionment “Pennsylvania […]

  • Facebook and Tesla try to connect the human brain with computers

    Big tech companies like Facebook or Tesla are recruiting engineers and scientists to get the human brain connected to computers. They assure that it is not a futuristic dream. For the creator of Tesla there are no limits. Its dream is to conquer Mars and create a civilization of at least one million people. The […]

  • Facebook trying to detect and restrict on fake news

    Company launches notifications and identification format to halt the spread of rumors. “We want the information shared on Facebook to be true, serious,” says Adam Mosseri, vice president of the news feed , the service news feeder, which all users see as they enter their page on the world’s largest social network . Facebook has […]

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    Naked Soldier Photos Scandal Affects the Whole US Army

    The scandal over the publication of photos of naked marines in a private Facebook group already extends to all divisions of the United States Army . The Pentagon says the problem “affects the whole organization” and that the guilty parties are expected to respond for their actions, even though no formal charges have yet been […]

  • Facebook hires Barra to take care of Oculus

    Last Sunday, the 22nd, the Brazilian Hugo Barra, one of the most relevant executives of Silicon Valley, announced his return to Facebook. After three and a half years at Xiaomi , a Chinese company of which he was the international ambassador , he has just announced his hiring by Facebook to run the virtual reality […]

  • If you plan to be happy, quit Facebook

    Study shows that in just one week, those who stop using the social network have higher levels of well-being The recommendation to disconnect from social networks has been around since the birth of smartphones . The ease and immediacy to have access anytime, anywhere allows users to be permanently connected and has led to various […]

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    Amateur photographer traces people he portrayed almost 40 years ago

    Chris Porsz is a British paramedic who, in his spare moments, is dedicated to photography. In the early 1980s, he toured the region of Peterborough (England) portraying the region’s residents. Six months ago he decided to trace the spontaneous patterns of his images to reproduce those moments that were frozen in time. With the help […]

  • Easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

    We all know that facebook is the most popular and user friendly social networking site. And it already has been a part of everyone’s daily life where most of us spend hours reading, chatting and surfing our friends, relatives and strangers. Do you know that there are many simple and easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts to […]

  • How to get more Facebook LIKES and interaction ?

    You have a Facebook page so it is definitely there for a reason: involvement. There is no point of having a page with a few likes and followers and even fewer interaction. Many people decide to hit the market and just buy some followers but the huge drawback is that it is only “image” – […]

  • How to make a clickable link in facebook status ?

    Posting a facebook status has been a part of our daily life. The facebook status not only represents your online presence but also helps you to increase your TRP 😉 popularity & social access. When you tag someone on your status, it will be converted to a clickable link (targeted to his profile) automatically. But […]