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iPhone 8 will be wireless charging

Yes you read it right. The next invention of Apple technology will be wireless charging iPhone8. We have reviewed a lot about the short battery life and problems regarding battery of the previous versions of iPhones several times. Today also we are going to talk on this matter but its not about the battery problems its all about wireless charging .

It sounds like science fiction, but apparently the wireless charging for iPhone 8 is ready.That’s right, Energous announced that its wireless charging technology is ready to go into business. The incredible product will arrive by the end of the year, in iPhone 8.

Wireless charging, a revolution in the energy world

It seems that iPhone 8 is ready to bring an incredible revolution. We are talking about the possibility to recharge the battery of your phone through a wireless device .

The voice is attracting an incredible attention, sparking questions and discussions on the new iPhone is not yet announced. The patent technology is clear and even his date. We’re not talking about decades but the end of 2017 ! Yes if the news is true, in 2017 the wireless charging is going to happen.

The revelation was in the ‘The Verge’

The references source about the revelation. Its non other than ‘The Verge’ news magazine. Where the CEO of Energous has declared at the Consumer Electronics Show that its first wireless transmitters will ship before the end of 2017, and be embedded in “I will not say which company, but its one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world.

The new technology offers the possibility to recharge any device up to a distance of 5 meters. This means that when there is Wattup  (Energous Corp product) device , just stay within 5 meters to see your smartphones being charged.

As we know that Energous inked a deal to develop and market hardware components through longtime Apple chip supplier Dialog Semiconductor, suggesting a future iPhone might support similar technology. This means we can be assured that iPhone will be with a wireless charging facility. Lets wait and see.