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  • Gmail can detect 99.9% of spam emails now

    According to TechCrunch , Google said its machine learning technology is now able to detect spam and phishing messages with 99.9% accuracy. This means that only one in every thousand messages inadvertently reaches the Gmail inbox. Currently 50-70% of the messages the Google e-mail service receives are spam. For messages reaching the user, the company […]

  • Google Chrome will block annoying ads from 2018

    Sometimes advertisements are so annoying that they they can harm your computer with unnecessary click bait scams and viruses. There are millions of click bait websites on the world which are generating revenues with such advertisements. Do you feel the same ? If you are, here is a good news for you, Google chrome is […]

  • Smart Answers in Gmail

    After Allo and Inbox by Gmail, Gmail users can now take advantage of the smart response feature that provides message suggestions to respond to emails quickly. “Intelligent response uses machine learning to give better answers as you use it. So, if you’re a person who writes “thank you !” Instead of “thank you.”, Let us […]

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    Google AMP reaches 2 billion pages in the world

    During the Google I / O developer conference, Google announced that there are more than 2 billion pages of AMP technology, with a total of about 900,000 domains. According to the Google’s Mountain View Headquater, these pages are loaded twice as fast as previously through adjustments made to Google’s own servers. “The new AMP speed […]

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    Google Pixel will have security updates until October 2019

    Google has made public the “minimum refresh period” for its first smartphone, Google Pixel. According to the company, the device will have security updates until October 2019 – for those which are sold from the Google Store. “Pixel Smartphones receive security patches for at least three years from the first availability of the device on […]

  • Google+ adds the section with “Topics to Explore”

    Google+ has announced a new feature on the social network that lets you find content by interest through a new “Topics to Explore” layer section. “With this new feature, you’ll see a great diversity of High Quality Collections and Communities and find people related to the topics of your interest,” Google has published. “To see […]

  • Google and Huawei develop rival of Raspberry Pi

    Google and Huawei have developed two Raspberry Pi-style boards to allow developers to encode drivers for Android versions. With the news, devs will no longer have to rely on Intel x86 architecture and Chromebooks to build software for ARM-based systems. “Using a reference card can make it easier to upgrade efforts, reduce the time to […]

  • Chrome 59 will support animated PNGs

    Google Chrome version 59 will natively support animated PNG technology without any additional software. Although the news was not disclosed by the official blogs of the company, a Googler confirmed the information through the website of Chromium. Extensions available in the Chrome Web Store have supported animated PNG, but this is about to end in […]

  • Google Maps gains improvements in parking location save option

    Google announced today that it has made some improvements to the ‘save parking place‘ feature available in the Google Maps app. According to the search engine, it is now possible to add location information such as annotations, allowed parking time, and location photos in the map service by touching the blue dot within the maps. […]

  • ‘Page rank’ is officially recognised by Oxford dictionary

    The Oxford English Dictionary officially added the word ” Page Rank ” in its dictionaries as of this month. Also known as “page ranking“, the noun received the following description: “A value assigned to a web page as a measure of its popularity or importance, used to determine the order in which search engine results […]

  • Google makes Tabel, a virtual reality film

    Google has announced that it has produced an “interactive virtual reality” movie that can be watched using its VR mobile device. “You’re sitting at a table in the center of a restaurant and you can interact with six stories, listening to the conversations on the other tables,” Google says. “‘Tabel‘ uses an audio technique that […]

  • Cassini: Google honors NASA probe

    Since I love art and graphics, I always watch google doodles with interest. Google is paying tribute to public figures and it’s helping to raise voices to aware people and social causes. This time it has given a tribute to spacecraft ‘Nave Cassini’ which recorded images of Saturn and its moons before 20 years. “Saturn, […]

  • Google announces changes in search engine to counter “fake news”

    Google announced that it will promote “structural changes in search engine” in order to discourage low-quality content and false news. According to the company, about 0.25% of the searches made today in the search engine return with “offensive content” or “clearly misleading“, which requires changes in the way the company delivers the results. “To help […]

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    Here is the Electric flying car [Video]

    Kitty Hawk, a company that has investments from the CEO of Alphabet Larry Page, revealed last week details of its electric flying car. According to Bloomberg, Google’s co-founder would have invested more than $ 100 million in the company specializing in aerodynamics, advanced manufacturing and electric propulsion research since 2010. The Kitty Hawk Flyer is […]

  • See how the Earth Day doodle was made

    Google tributes to Earth Day with a special doodle that offers tips to users to “make the planet happier!”. “Today, we honor the rich and vast Earth, which sustained generations before us and continues to nourish life and inspire admiration. With an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, Earth is still the only known object […]

  • Google announces the new Google Earth

    Google today announced a new version of Google Earth that offers extra features that help explore and share Earth’s details. According to the search engine, it was two years of development to implement the improvements in the service and they can already be checked via web and devices with the Android platform . “With the […]

  • Google closes AdSense plugin for WordPress

    In January of this year, after reports from several readers, we brought the news that the AdSense plugin for WordPress became incompatible with the latest version of the platform due to lack of updates. According to usage data released by WordPress itself, at least 200,000 sites worldwide have experienced flaws or interruptions in the plugin’s […]

  • Android Pay wins payment mode with PayPal

    Google has announced that it is now possible to choose PayPal’s online payment system as payment method in Android Pay. According to the company, US users can pay for things like Uber, as well as in retailers like Walgreens and restaurants like Dunki’n Donuts and Subway. “People in the US can simply link their PayPal […]

  • Google announces PAX, patent licensing agreement

    Google has announced PAX, a patent licensing agreement that will allow Android manufacturers to share patents with each other. The company says some of the biggest brands related to Android have already signed contract, including LG, Samsung, HTC and of course Google itself. “Members collectively own more than 230,000 patents worldwide. As more companies join, […]

  • Google will flag fake news in search results

    In addition to the fact-finding in Google News , Google has announced that it will also begin flagging its search results when a subject is considered highly contested. “When you do a search on Google search that brings results with facts that have been verified, you’ll see that highlighted on the results page,” said Justin […]

  • Allo Bots allow you to create polls and find GIFs

    Like Telegram, Google Allo also has the integration of bots that add extra features to the instant communication application. Polls With YesNo, users can poll with friends and get their opinion without having to go to other external services. To start a search, simply type @yesno in the message field and add the question that […]

  • YouTube Live Available for 1K Subscribers

    To enable YouTube live on mobile devices, Google now requires that channels have at least 1,000 subscribers. The previous rule required 10,000 subscribers. “All you have to do to start streaming is to open YouTube, hit the capture button and you’re live! The streamed videos will have the same functionality as regular YouTube videos, “explains […]

  • Twitter Lite uses Google’s Progressive Web Apps technology

    Twitter has announced the launch of Twitter Lite, a web-based experience designed to minimize data usage, quickly load slow connections, and use less storage space on devices. To check, simply log in to directly from the device – the version will be available in the web browser. “The novelty uses less than 1MB in […]

  • Study confirms – Teens like Google

    Google funded a survey to find out which brands are most popular with Generation Z and the result was unusual: nothing is cooler than Google itself. Listened people rated the Mountain View giant and its products as “unique, impressive, interesting, incredible and so much more.” While YouTube emerged ahead of Netflix, the Google Chrome browser […]

  • Google’s employee reportedly fainted

    According to Business Insider , a Google employee X – the project division of Google Moonshot – have fainted for a Project Wing of fieldwork. The official, whose name was not disclosed, was assigned to fieldwork that included the first tests of delivery drones for the transportation of consumer and emergency goods. While accompanying jobs […]

  • Google uses artificial intelligence to flag offensive videos

    According to Bloomberg, Google has used its artificial intelligence technology to signal five times more objectionable content than usual in the last two weeks. Since a boycott among the brands gained a spotlight on its services, especially on YouTube, Google has allocated more of its artificial intelligence tools to work on YouTube’s huge video library. […]

  • Google Now Launcher is shutting down in few weeks

    According to an anonymous source from Android Police, Google is announcing to manufacturers that it plans to discontinue the Google Now Launcher in the coming weeks. It is not clear why Google Now launcher is being shut down since it has millions of happy users. Though the users who have already downloaded and using this […]

  • Again google becomes the most valuable brand in the world

    Despite the good sales against the problems faced by Samsung in 2016, Apple’s initiatives have disappointed the market and the public who expected more from the brand. As a result of this slowdown, Brand Finance claims that Apple lost the most valuable brand in the world to Google in which GOOGLE resumes its position after […]

  • Gmail will block JavaScript attachments in this February

    Are you a teacher, a student ? A web designer or a developer ? You must have lots of emails attached with JavaScripts exchanged with your friends. Here is a bad news for you. Yes gmail is banning JavaScript attachments from the second week of this february . Google has announced that it will block […]

  • Google’s VR Spotlight Story Pearl Gets Oscar Nomination

    We have in our mind that oscar is only for the big banners and high budget cinemas. But the great Oscar  award has been kind to the latest technologies and low budget small projects with genius ideas too. “Pearl,” the animation short film for the Google Spotlight Stories project, was nominated for the 2017 Oscar. It […]

  • Donald Trump is not doing good

    Yes, Donald Trump administration’s decision to bann the entries from 7 major muslim countries’ immigrants is being heavily criticized everywhere. During a weekly meeting at Google in Mountain View, Calif.,  Google’s parent company Alphabet board chairman Eric Schmidt said the Donald Trump administration is promising to do ‘bad things’ in future. According to Schmidt, this […]

  • VPN on Android: Know the safest apps

    Playing with VPN is serious on any platform. Unencrypted connections can not only steal your passwords, but also put your personal data in the hands of malicious people over the internet. VPN on Android: Know the safest apps And Android is no different. There are currently over 283 VPN applications to the Google mobile system […]

  • Google announced a $ 4 million cash fund to US immigration organizations

    Google has started to step against Trumps administration. (Read – Google co-founder Sergey Brin attends protest against Trump) In response to President Trump’s executive order banning the entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, which claims to “harm US security interests and reputation,” Google has announced a $ 4 million cash fund. US immigration organizations […]

  • Google co-founder Sergey Brin attends protest against Trump

    Recently after the announcement of Trump administration which circulates more draft immigration restrictions, focusing on protecting U.S. jobs only for US native citizens. People have already started to protest against Trump administration. The search engine empire Google always believes in talents and creativity of a person either he is an immigrant or native citizen. It […]

  • Google Pixel 2 with better camera

    Industry rumors point out that Google Pixel 2, the successor to the newly released Google Pixel, is expected to be a better camera enhancements and higher price in its 2017 version. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel 2 has been built to have some kind of water resistance and a camera capable of taking photos even […]

  • Chrome OS will support convertible tablets and notebooks

    For some time Chrome OS has remained true to only notebook type, but Google now hopes to add a “greater variety of ways” so that the operating system can work on convertible tablets and notebooks. In order to be able to equip different types of devices, the search engine intends to make changes and improve […]

  • Top and Flops of 2016

    Top and flops : Every day thousands of startups and innovative inventions are being generated in the field of hi-tech digital world. The 2016 has been a year of great success for some and resounding flop in the world of technology. We have seen explosive mobile phones, monsters VR, some videogame failures and some with […]

  • Apple maps – a challenge to Google

    Apple is always facing a tough competition with the giant Google in the field of world technology. There are many fields of battle between the two companies, but now the heart of this confrontation is the management of maps and mapping of the planet earth. For years, Google has made an empire on the world […]

  • Chrome OS will support Android Nougat apps

    Currently Chrome OS has a somewhat annoying limitation: the operating system can only run Android 6.0 compatible applications Marshmallow. However, Canary’s experimental versions of Chrome OS say it has been working to allow Chromebooks to also run Android 7.0 Nougat apps in the near future. The information was published by ChromeUnboxed , based on feedback […]

  • Uber hires Amit Singhal, responsible for google search

    Uber made an important announcement today: the hiring of Amit Singhal, the engineer responsible for the great advances in Google‘s search system. Singhal, who worked at Google for 15 years, was the first person allowed to repair the google search engine algorithms developed by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to the hitchhiker’s company, […]

  • Google’s Project Titan drones is cancelled

    Project Titan Drones, the program of drones that Google planned to transmit the internet to Earth using solar-powered aircraft, is officially canceled. Acquired by Google in 2014, the company Titan Aerospace was negotiated by Facebook for 60 million dollars. The amount paid by Google was not disclosed at the time. With the project closing, more […]

  • How to report plagiarism to google ?

    The most irritating disadvantages of posting blogs on internet is your contents can be copied without your consent or stolen. If the material is a text or an article this is called plagiarism. If your contents is copied by someone and posted on their blogs, you must complain to google about this. Blogger’s complaint form […]

  • Google denies removal of Palestine from Maps

    After generating a certain controversy for allegedly removal of Palestine from a region neighboring Israel, Google issued a press release denying any action on the map service: “There was never a ‘Palestine’ label on Google Maps, however, we discovered a bug that removed the tags for ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza Strip’. We are working quickly […]

  • Who is Sundar Pichai, the highest-paid executive in the US?

    To be the highest-paid executive in the United States, one has to earn around $ 200 million. And this honor goes to the CEO of Google , Sundar Pichai. Born in India 44 years ago, he was compensated by announcing that he had been awarded a multimillion-dollar share of his company. He is the chief […]

  • How to get google’s payment in Israel?

    Many publishers in Israel are making good money through their blogs using Google AdSense. I’ve noticed that Israeli bloggers have less interest to be a Google publisher unlike India, Portugal or other countries. But hundreds of foreigners residing in Israel are making money with this. Many of them don’t have Israeli bank account. That’s why they […]

  • More Google products in the hands of Sundar Pichai

    Record shows that Google search engine always welcomes and encourages the genious people on its company. Many tech geeks around the globe has officially contrinuted their knowledge to this giant corporation. According to the Recode website, Google’s CEO is so pleased with the work of Sundar Pichai, currently the chief development officer for Chrome and Android, who […]

  • How to install google plus comment on blogger?

    Comments are very important in the blogging world. Every post and every article should have the means of conversation or the ability to comment for the better interaction. Beside the default commenting system, you can install google plus comment on your site. To enable the google plus comment on your blogger blog, you need to […]

  • Google Adsense highest paying keywords 2013

    A lots of people are asking me how much income do you get from google adsense? How many dollars do you get in one click ? I always answer – it depends on. What does it mean ? Today I’m going to give you some keywords which are paying up to 150$ in a single […]