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  • Google makes Tabel, a virtual reality film

    Google has announced that it has produced an “interactive virtual reality” movie that can be watched using its VR mobile device. “You’re sitting at a table in the center of a restaurant and you can interact with six stories, listening to the conversations on the other tables,” Google says. “‘Tabel‘ uses an audio technique that […]

  • YouTube Live Available for 1K Subscribers

    To enable YouTube live on mobile devices, Google now requires that channels have at least 1,000 subscribers. The previous rule required 10,000 subscribers. “All you have to do to start streaming is to open YouTube, hit the capture button and you’re live! The streamed videos will have the same functionality as regular YouTube videos, “explains […]

  • Google uses artificial intelligence to flag offensive videos

    According to Bloomberg, Google has used its artificial intelligence technology to signal five times more objectionable content than usual in the last two weeks. Since a boycott among the brands gained a spotlight on its services, especially on YouTube, Google has allocated more of its artificial intelligence tools to work on YouTube’s huge video library. […]