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  • Google engineer develops Android app that improves night shots

    Google researcher and scientist Florian Kainz has developed an Android application that could help the camera of Android devices bring better results in night shots. Challenged by his team, he has created an experimental application that helps Android users take sharper pictures and less noise, even in conditions far from ideal. “When the shutter button […]

  • Google announces the new Google Earth

    Google today announced a new version of Google Earth that offers extra features that help explore and share Earth’s details. According to the search engine, it was two years of development to implement the improvements in the service and they can already be checked via web and devices with the Android platform . “With the […]

  • Microsoft’s To-Do application for Android

    Microsoft today announced the launch of the Microsoft To-Do application for Android that promises to make it easy to create task lists. “Microsoft To-Do is a smart, simple task list that makes it easy to plan your day. Whether it’s for work, school or at home, To-Do helps improve your productivity and reduce your stress […]

  • Google announces PAX, patent licensing agreement

    Google has announced PAX, a patent licensing agreement that will allow Android manufacturers to share patents with each other. The company says some of the biggest brands related to Android have already signed contract, including LG, Samsung, HTC and of course Google itself. “Members collectively own more than 230,000 patents worldwide. As more companies join, […]

  • Allo Bots allow you to create polls and find GIFs

    Like Telegram, Google Allo also has the integration of bots that add extra features to the instant communication application. Polls With YesNo, users can poll with friends and get their opinion without having to go to other external services. To start a search, simply type @yesno in the message field and add the question that […]

  • Google Now Launcher is shutting down in few weeks

    According to an anonymous source from Android Police, Google is announcing to manufacturers that it plans to discontinue the Google Now Launcher in the coming weeks. It is not clear why Google Now launcher is being shut down since it has millions of happy users. Though the users who have already downloaded and using this […]

  • Adobe adapts Android applications to Chrome OS

    Adobe recently announced a suite of Android applications that have been adapted for the Chrome OS operating system, which is featured on Chromebooks. Applications include Photoshop Mix, Lightroom Mobile, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Comp CC, and Creative Cloud Mobile; And are available for free download, expanding the creative options for students and professionals. READ […]

  • Google’s VR Spotlight Story Pearl Gets Oscar Nomination

    We have in our mind that oscar is only for the big banners and high budget cinemas. But the great Oscar  award has been kind to the latest technologies and low budget small projects with genius ideas too. “Pearl,” the animation short film for the Google Spotlight Stories project, was nominated for the 2017 Oscar. It […]

  • VPN on Android: Know the safest apps

    Playing with VPN is serious on any platform. Unencrypted connections can not only steal your passwords, but also put your personal data in the hands of malicious people over the internet. VPN on Android: Know the safest apps And Android is no different. There are currently over 283 VPN applications to the Google mobile system […]

  • iPhone7: charging is really slow

    As we all know, Apple has introduced various interesting innovations such as key note, apple TV, smart watches, ipads and more. Among them, iPhone is one of the most popular and successful innovation. In the new iPhone 7, they promised us to increase the battery life and reduce the problems. It will be capable of […]

  • Apple maps – a challenge to Google

    Apple is always facing a tough competition with the giant Google in the field of world technology. There are many fields of battle between the two companies, but now the heart of this confrontation is the management of maps and mapping of the planet earth. For years, Google has made an empire on the world […]

  • Chrome OS will support Android Nougat apps

    Currently Chrome OS has a somewhat annoying limitation: the operating system can only run Android 6.0 compatible applications Marshmallow. However, Canary’s experimental versions of Chrome OS say it has been working to allow Chromebooks to also run Android 7.0 Nougat apps in the near future. The information was published by ChromeUnboxed , based on feedback […]