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iPhone7: charging is really slow

As we all know, Apple has introduced various interesting innovations such as key note, apple TV, smart watches, ipads and more. Among them, iPhone is one of the most popular and successful innovation.

In the new iPhone 7, they promised us to increase the battery life and reduce the problems. It will be capable of providing a range far better than the previous iPhones. But is it really true ? What is your experience ?

However, everyone can notice that charging the battery of the new iPhone7 is still not so advance as they promised. It is one of the slowest in the industry. Entering the specific, the various tests done with with different smartphones made confirmed that the full charging time of the iPhone7 in the iPhone battery is among the longest by far than the other terminals of medium to high-end commercially.

Here is my rough calculation regarding the charging time on the most advanced smartphones. The model 7 Plus full 3 hours for recharge , while Samsung Galaxy S7 takes 90 minutes on average. While the Phone 6s takes about two hours and iPhone 6s Plus takes slightly less than 3 hours, iPhone 7, in conclusion, to be charged up to 100% takes exactly two hours ie 120 minutes.


I’ve mentioned that the iPhone 7’s battery charging time is long. It was only the rough data of battery charging time. Since apple has claimed that the battery life of the new smart phone is longer, is it really true ? In practice I noticed that the battery life is really a serious problem. I’ve found myself constantly out of juice before getting ready to hit the pillow, even on days when the phone’s only been used without games and videos.

Even I avoid playing Pokémon Go entirely, Its battery life sucks. And if you use some ios apps with some GPS features you are sure you will be out of battery very soon. The GPS used in apps seems to drain the battery of iPhone even faster.

But why ? I think the improvement is not sufficient. In fact iPhone 7 has a larger battery than the iPhone 6S and a more efficient processor. And in some cases it does last a while. For example, it remains still when it’s not in use 😉

lets take a look how many minutes it takes for the iPhone 7’s battery to disharge 100%

  • Netflix using speakers 2 hour : 100% to 72%
  • Web surfing with Wi-Fi only 1 hour : 72% to 58%
  • Video game playing 30 minutes : 58% to 46%
  • Apple Music using Bluetooth 1 hour : 46% to 38%
  • video and photos: 15 minutes  38% to 23%
  • Talking in phone 20 minutes : 23% to 16%
  • Google Maps 20 minutes (screen mostly on): 16% to 10%

I must conclude that iPhone 7 has the shortest battery life comparing its other competitors.   Nothing less performs better iPhone 6s Plus  or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. They are the winner. Though apple claimed that the iPhone 7 has a 2 hour longer battery life than the iPhone 6S, did you experience this ? I dont know in circumstances did they made this calculation. It lasts a little over 6 hours of use, be sure you must and always take a charger with you in your office or travel.

This information should make it clear to Apple that the next iPhone should optimize for the quick charging technology. Do you agree.