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  • Reasons that you are not making money from your blog

    Many bloggers on the internet are enjoying their blog with good earnings .Everyday more and more people are interested to make their online presence with their website or blogging platform. And they are making online revenues too but making money is not easy task. I have seen many ambitious bloggers complaining about not making money […]

  • Google Adsense highest paying keywords 2013

    A lots of people are asking me how much income do you get from google adsense? How many dollars do you get in one click ? I always answer – it depends on. What does it mean ? Today I’m going to give you some keywords which are paying up to 150$ in a single […]

  • Auto Meta Tags for Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

    In this post I m going to describe meta-tags: How to add them to your blog. UPDATE : Blogger has already introduced special editing tools for them in late March 2012, so they are covered separately. It applies to any type of meta-tag except the description-tag: Generally Meta tags are very important as it introduce […]

  • Increasing Blogger Rank in Alexa

    I hope this post will help to increase your Alexa Rank for beginners. This time I will give you tips about Alexa. Many, many wrote about Alexa, because the more you write and discuss about Alexa, the levels of your blog will be higher. Many of the bloggers or web service consumers using Alexa Rank […]