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Reasons that you are not making money from your blog

Many bloggers on the internet are enjoying their blog with good earnings .Everyday more and more people are interested to make their online presence with their website or blogging platform. And they are making online revenues too but making money is not easy task. I have seen many ambitious bloggers complaining about not making money just after few weeks of their start. In this post I am going to give you some of the reasons why you are not making money from your blog.

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You are not interested on SEO and Keyword research hence don’t have SEO optimised posts.
You don’t update your blog regularly.
You position your ads out of sight or focus.
You have poor search, lack of quality backlinks, less number of unique visitors .
You didn’t find out your specific interest or target topics on blogging yet.
You think niche site is work of bloggers with limited knowledge & hence you write on random subjects.
You never paid money or any effort on marketing of your blog.
You click your own advertisement sometime.
You have poor public relation or less social activity.
You never think about alternative ads like PSA(Public Service Ads) or Direct Advertisement.
You have irrelevant post title and contents.
You never track your audience and Adsense Ads performance.
You don’t have enough traffics and don’t try to get it.
You follow black hat Search Engine Optimisation principles and hence ignored by Google.
You are copy-paste blogger and involved in plagiarism.
You are fed up with the terms and conditions of adsnese and so you are now thinking about chitika or other ad service.
You don’t read and interact with others blog.
You are not updated. You are not aware of what’s  happening around, and dont follow new tech and trend on the Internet.
And finally You think this is impossible.