Google+ adds the section with “Topics to Explore”

Google+ has announced a new feature on the social network that lets you find content by interest through a new “Topics to Explore” layer section.

“With this new feature, you’ll see a great diversity of High Quality Collections and Communities and find people related to the topics of your interest,” Google has published.

“To see recommended topics, visit your stream on the homepage and look for the Topics to Explore”

The novelty will be gradually displayed to all users over the next few days.

The Topics content appears under a card labelled “Topics To Explore.” Clicking on any of the listed topics will bring you to a curated listing of content within that Topic. The Topics that Google Plus shows can range from broad to niche, and include entries like “All Things Google,” “All Things Science,” and Game Cartography. The Topic view itself opens up in a larger view that takes up the whole window to show off content related to that Topic.

Written by Krishna Thapa

Krishna is Web Developer of NetKUTI. He loves to blog, paint, code, web design & develovment . Write hi@krishnathapa.com