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See how the Earth Day doodle was made

Google tributes to Earth Day with a special doodle that offers tips to users to “make the planet happier!”.

“Today, we honor the rich and vast Earth, which sustained generations before us and continues to nourish life and inspire admiration. With an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, Earth is still the only known object in the Universe known to harbor life. It is also the densest planet in the solar system and the largest of the four terrestrial planets. That’s a complete inspirational list of qualities, if you ask us” Google has published.

“Today’s Doodle follows the story of a fox who dreams of an Earth that has been polluted and adversely affected by climate change. The fox wakes up with a fright, and urgently starts making small lifestyle changes to take care of the Earth. Along the way, the fox asks friends – including ‘Momo’, the cat, and the Google Weather frog – to join in their mission to protect and nurture the environment. ”

“To combat such things as coral bleaching and pollution, the three eco-rangers are inspired to act like eating less meat, ordering rides, and turning off unused electronic devices. This is some heroic work for little animals! ”

By searching for “Earth Day Tips” in Google Search, the search engine offers Earth Day tips “to help you do your part to save our planet.”

In addition to supporting critical conservation efforts through organizations such as the Wildlife Fund, The Ocean Agency and The Jane Goodall Institute.

“Whatever you do today, we hope you will be able to take a moment to savor and enjoy this boundless, dazzling Earth we inhabit,” says the seeker.


Now Lets talk about the designing Part .

Sophie Diao, the doodler responsible for making Google’s special Earth Day logo, unveiled details of the creative process until it reaches the home page of the world’s best-known search company.

Diao, who lives in San Francisco, California, and works at the Mountain View giant’s headquarters, is freelancing for other clients in his spare time. The artist mentions having already done work for the Cartoon Network, Disney and Warner Bros.

For Earth Day, the “nature lover” – as she describes herself on social networks – has produced a story with 12 screens that show how small actions can change the world.

“I made a 12-panel slideshow Doodle to show how small individual choices can help the environment (with Momo and Sapo Weather).”

“I wanted the colors to support the story. As the fox passes from passivity to action, the colors become stronger and more saturated, “says the doodler.

Below you can check the sketches made by the artist before their final production:

Written by Krishna Thapa

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