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How to report plagiarism to google ?

The most irritating disadvantages of posting blogs on internet is your contents can be copied without your consent or stolen. If the material is a text or an article this is called plagiarism. If your contents is copied by someone and posted on their blogs, you must complain to google about this. Blogger’s complaint form is extremely efficient. Of the time I had to use (and there were few), cloned my blog articles were removed from the air in less than 48 hours, including copies of templates 🙂

In this article, I am going to explain where and how to report plagiarism  ?
First of all to know everything about copyright policy, access this page, through this information page you can go to the complaint report section.

Digital Millennium Copyright Law – Blogger

Now to complain about the plagiarism here is STEP BY STEP guide
Go to Google Webmasters Spam report page.

2: There are 3 sections, fill the form accordingly to report plagiarism to google .

  1. Enter the permalink (URL) of the blog containing plagiarism. That is the SPAMMER“S link which has stolen your article.
  2. In the second form you need to fill the exact query that is copied its your sentences, quotes or phrases which is copied from your blog. If the entire blog has been copied leave it blank.
  3. In this form you can write your problems to the Google team, In this box you can provide the links of your blog and explain about the copied content.
On the other hand you can also warn the writer of the blog who has copied your article personally to delete the content. Google will remove the article from his blog or if the problem is serious his entire blog may be banned.