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Google Pixel 2 with better camera

Industry rumors point out that Google Pixel 2, the successor to the newly released Google Pixel, is expected to be a better camera enhancements and higher price in its 2017 version.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel 2 has been built to have some kind of water resistance and a camera capable of taking photos even in low light.

On the inside, Google would still be evaluating two new chipsets from different manufacturers that could raise the price of the device in its next generation. A chipset developed by Google itself is under review.

A low-cost version is also expected for Pixel 2. Known as “Pixel 2B”, the model “will be significantly cheaper” if it actually launches.

Pixel 2B in Europe?

While some rumors say that Pixel 2B is in Google’s plans to bring it to emerging europe markets, yet a source within Google Europe explains that the plan to bring Pixel is still far . The biggest difficulty Google faces is the lack of “retail points” and the ability to provide support for the handsets, especially since it does not have a HTC office in many countries of Europe market.

Cnet has already posted a video details about Google pixel2. check it out.