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Google Now Launcher is shutting down in few weeks

According to an anonymous source from Android Police, Google is announcing to manufacturers that it plans to discontinue the Google Now Launcher in the coming weeks. It is not clear why Google Now launcher is being shut down since it has millions of happy users. Though the users who have already downloaded and using this apps will not be affected by this removal, they will get the service and updates as usual.

“According to an email sent to us by an anomymous tipster :), Google has warned partners that it intends to remove the Google Now Launcher from the Play Store in the coming weeks,” he said.

With the removal of the Now Launcher, Google would be making available to manufacturers the Search Launcher Services library that would allow them to integrate the Google Now panel into their proprietary launchers.


Sony recently demonstrated its new interface, the Xperia Home beta, which features a Google Now panel with the same functionality as the Google Now Launcher has.

The message warns that those who use the Google Now Launcher will continue to receive support with updates, but the application will not be available for new downloads.

The Pixel Launcher, launched in conjunction with Google Pixel, still remains exclusive to all Google devices.