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Google announces the new Google Earth

Google today announced a new version of Google Earth that offers extra features that help explore and share Earth’s details.

According to the search engine, it was two years of development to implement the improvements in the service and they can already be checked via web and devices with the Android platform .
“With the new Earth, we want to open up different magnifiers for you to see the world and learn a little about how everything fits in, whether to open your mind with new stories or gain a new perspective on places and experiences that you are keen to know” , Published Google.

Among the new features available is the “Voyager” navigation option that features ‘guided and interactive tours’ produced by storytellers, scientists and non-profit organizations around the world.

The new Google Earth also features the classic “I’m Feeling Lucky” that “reveals sites hidden around the world” with just a click – great for discovering curious and unexpected places.

And just as you’ll probably see your home, be sure to check out the ” This is Home ” tool to visit traditional homes of different cultures that exist on our planet.

Written by Krishna Thapa

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