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Google announces changes in search engine to counter “fake news”

Google announced that it will promote “structural changes in search engine” in order to discourage low-quality content and false news.

According to the company, about 0.25% of the searches made today in the search engine return with “offensive content” or “clearly misleading“, which requires changes in the way the company delivers the results.

“To help prevent such content from spreading, we have improved our evaluation methods and updated our algorithm to bring more reliable content,” said Ben Gomes, vice president of Engineering .

See what changes 

New guidelines with human assessment – One of the novelties is the “experimentation process” that will be done through human evaluators to ensure that the research results are of higher quality.

“These assessments do not determine the individual page ranking, but are used to help us gather data on the quality of our results and identify areas that we can further improve,” explains Gomes.

Rank changes – Adjustments in Google indicators promise to lower poor content and increase the ranking of more reliable pages by establishing what results should appear for a search.

Although the details of these changes are not public, the company mentions that the indicators continue to look at the freshness of the content and the number of times the search term appears within the pages.

Feedback tools – Google services like “Autofill” and “Featured Snippets,” which work with an algorithmic approach, now have better feedback mechanisms for signaling flagship results.

Written by Krishna Thapa

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