Facebook and Tesla try to connect the human brain with computers

Big tech companies like Facebook or Tesla are recruiting engineers and scientists to get the human brain connected to computers. They assure that it is not a futuristic dream.

For the creator of Tesla there are no limits. Its dream is to conquer Mars and create a civilization of at least one million people. The ship already has, and even the date.

According to Elon Musk, The first trip to the red planet will be in 2022 and now seeks to get into our brain. We do not know whether with chip or without, but its intention is to connect our mind to a computer to fight some diseases.

Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Regina Dugan made ambitious promises this month about how fast their new research projects into human telepathy could yield big scientific breakthroughs.

That the impossible becomes possible is also the challenge of Facebook . A group of 60 engineers has designed a tool that will allow us to write without using keyboards or pens. We’ll just have to think about it, and the device will do it for us.

Written by Krishna Thapa

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