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  • How to change the address / domain in Blogger

    If you have created a blog but after sometime you want to change the address of your blog. Blogger offers the option to change the blog address at any time, just with the domain you want should be free (not already used by someone else). Changing the domain name of your blog is simple, if […]

  • How to highlight the author comment

    In some blogs  I’ve seen the author comment is unique and specially formatted. So that readers can easily notice the comment of author of the blog since they are different than the other comments. If you like this trick to be made on your blogger blog, you can follow the steps below. 1.Log in to […]

  • Auto Meta Tags for Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

    In this post I m going to describe meta-tags: How to add them to your blog. UPDATE : Blogger has already introduced special editing tools for them in late March 2012, so they are covered separately. It applies to any type of meta-tag except the description-tag: Generally Meta tags are very important as it introduce […]

  • What is XML?

    If you are a blogger, you probably came across the term XML before. It is all over the place. But what is XML after all? And more importantly, should you care about it? XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. Basically, it is a markup language created to transport structured data across different systems and platforms. […]