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  • Google engineer develops Android app that improves night shots

    Google researcher and scientist Florian Kainz has developed an Android application that could help the camera of Android devices bring better results in night shots. Challenged by his team, he has created an experimental application that helps Android users take sharper pictures and less noise, even in conditions far from ideal. “When the shutter button […]

  • The camera and the VR stand out in the event of Facebook for developers

    Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed the importance of the camera in any communication today and has shown new tools for users and creators. Facebook has celebrated the first day of its annual F8 developer event, where company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed the importance of the camera in any communication today and has shown new tools […]

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    Here is the Electric flying car [Video]

    Kitty Hawk, a company that has investments from the CEO of Alphabet Larry Page, revealed last week details of its electric flying car. According to Bloomberg, Google’s co-founder would have invested more than $ 100 million in the company specializing in aerodynamics, advanced manufacturing and electric propulsion research since 2010. The Kitty Hawk Flyer is […]

  • See how the Earth Day doodle was made

    Google tributes to Earth Day with a special doodle that offers tips to users to “make the planet happier!”. “Today, we honor the rich and vast Earth, which sustained generations before us and continues to nourish life and inspire admiration. With an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, Earth is still the only known object […]

  • Self-healing smartphones will be in market by 2020

    Scientists are working on a new material capable of conducting electricity and apparently with the incredible abilities of self-repair against cuts and scratches. According to the Business Insider website, the new material was created by chemists at the University of California Riverside and is composed of “elastic polymer and ionic salt.” “The material, which can […]

  • Gmail will block JavaScript attachments in this February

    Are you a teacher, a student ? A web designer or a developer ? You must have lots of emails attached with JavaScripts exchanged with your friends. Here is a bad news for you. Yes gmail is banning JavaScript attachments from the second week of this february . Google has announced that it will block […]

  • How to display author image in every post title of blogger?

    Displaying a blogger’s photo beside each blog post’s title may be an attractive idea. By applying this tricks on your blogger blog, your blogger profile image will appear in your every post titles. You don’t have to upload any profile images seperately. Specially this idea is very useful for those blogs having multiple authors and […]

  • How To Make Borders In The Images of Blogger ?

    Images are equally important on any of your blog post as like as the text content to describe the scene or demonstrate your thoughts to your readers. Some people don’t like to have borders around image but some like to have blog posts images with a border around it. You can define this on your […]

  • How to Add a Twitter Feed Widget to Your Blogger Blog

    Twitter is a famous micro-blogging social networking site. It has a large number of  users including famous celebrities worldwide. Because you can direct interact with anyone or participate on any debate instantly , it has been so popular.  Adding a Twitter Live feed to your Website is a great way to interact with your visitors to share your posts and follow […]

  • Nec turpis iaculis

    Aenean sed mi id erat gravida vehicula pretium vitae arcu. Sed ut tellus nec turpis iaculis suscipit sit amet vitae lectus. Morbi non suscipit sem, rutrum vulputate est. Donec a odio ut odio lacinia ultrices. Maecenas lacinia, orci ac molestie condimentum, arcu elit accumsan libero, vitae fringilla purus massa bibendum est. Vestibulum id eleifend magna, […]

  • Quis varius

    Quis varius justo eleifend et. Suspendisse aliquam sit amet turpis pretium aliquam. Integer faucibus lorem nec nunc aliquet, vel hendrerit urna fringilla. Praesent eget pulvinar lorem. Sed nec libero venenatis elit tempor pulvinar. Phasellus ut tellus viverra, tincidunt ante sit amet, pellentesque nisl. Mauris blandit eu odio pulvinar lacinia. Fusce arcu dolor, vestibulum eu tempor eget, […]

  • Dashain theme for firefox

    .. On the special ocassion of greates festival of Nepal, Here comes a Dashain special theme among the thousands of personas in firefox gallery. Firefox proved itself that its a great lover of graphic art by applying several graphic features on its browser theme. If you are using firefox browser to surf the internet, you […]

  • Graphics I prepared for Merosandesh Eve

    Here is a collection of graphic designs I made for the merosandesh cultural eve. Some of them are print and web advertisements, batches, flyer, banner and certificates. The pamphlet of merosandesh eve was printed in Nepali and English both. We created facebook event, invited through e mails and other sever networking media. In this post […]

  • Meronepal published

    To publish third volume of Meronepal bimonthly, we had to do lots of exercise, since the nature of our work and the lack of enough time. Beside this, we experienced lots of difficulties . Finally we published meronepal and its on the market now. Working on paper magazine is not easy task. It has uncountable […]

  • Graphic of KDBL

    Here is a piece of a graphic design of Kathmandu Development Bank Limited, that I designed for it’s Israel promotion advertisement on Nepali community magazine. The advertisement  graphic was KDBL created in photoshop CS, but my work doesn’t include the logo and photography.