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Apple maps – a challenge to Google

Apple is always facing a tough competition with the giant Google in the field of world technology.
There are many fields of battle between the two companies, but now the heart of this confrontation is the management of maps and mapping of the planet earth.

For years, Google has made an empire on the world digital mapping and global positioning. Here is that Apple launches its challenge to Google and its Google Maps , this time using a mapping system based on drones.

The idea of Apple not anything totally new and annovative but is to keep your maps through a system of drones capable of photographing and update in real time. Read this- Google’s Project Titan drones is cancelled Apple Maps is planning to improve its mapping system through the use of drones (Buy Now. )

Apple’s project is very ambitious: the use of drones capable of updating the mapping system in a quick and professional . But question is, could Google Maps be ousted from the throne ? The decision to use the new technology could work in favor of the apple and bring its Apple Maps to new quality standards, it is for sure.

The challenge to Google Maps – External and internal mapping of Apple maps

Apple is also working to an internal mapping system which could make them very attractive service to users. The idea is to create maps of airports, stations, museums and all those places “closed” where it is easy to get lost. Since the structures of very big malls, shopping complexes, hospitals or any closed area or constructions really needs internal mapping and Apple plans to work in it.

An internal mapping would be a great novelty able to make it as complete and functional service of the house of Google maps.

For now Google Maps, with its functions and its fidelity to road and signage changes, it remains the best navigation app on the market. However, we know that google maps are already a great source of navigation. Even the new Apple Maps (with many advance features) introduced in market, things will not change drastically.