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Amateur photographer traces people he portrayed almost 40 years ago

Chris Porsz is a British paramedic who, in his spare moments, is dedicated to photography. In the early 1980s, he toured the region of Peterborough (England) portraying the region’s residents. Six months ago he decided to trace the spontaneous patterns of his images to reproduce those moments that were frozen in time. With the help of social networks and the local press, he has managed to register more than a hundred re-encounters, which he now publishes in a book entitled Reunions .

The punk aesthetic and jackets that mimicked the mod icons reigned on the British streets that Porsz’s chamber immortalized nearly forty years ago. Thanks to the images he published in a Facebook album and in the region’s newspapers, he located many of his protagonists. “The photos have been gathering dust all these years and this project is, in short, my opportunity to share them with people,” comments the author on his website.

This selection of images might well be seen in the sound of Richard Hawley ‘s Tonight The Streets Are Ours .

Who was the couple who kissed Peterborough station and what happened after the train separated them? It was 1980. Sally was 21 and lived in Stafford. Tony was a teacher of 22 who worked in Essex, so they met in Peterborough. Now both are school principals, married and have two children, Jenny and Tom, the same age as they had when they posed unknowingly for this photo. Tony’s father found it on the pages of a newspaper and warned the couple.

Tina and Doug were boyfriends and posed for Chris Porsz in 1985, near the city’s cathedral. They have had twins, now they are no longer together and have long since abandoned the aesthetic punk.

Andy Jackson, Richard Hillson, Devinder Singh, Tony James and Aaron Meadows were school friends and were 15 when this picture was taken. Thanks to the Reunion project , they have organized a reunion and keep in touch.

Emma and Anna Hankins posed by popping a ball of chewing gum in 1980. They were 13 and 11 respectively. Both became hairdressers, married and have children. And they lost the practice with the chewing gum.

John Morris, Paul Barnard and Andrew Pollard were lining up to use the pay phone. In the era of smartphones , they had to pose again in front of an ATM that takes the place of the booth. Andrew, the one on the right, met his wife in Benidorm.

Layla took the compulsory milk ration at school in 1983. For this second image she met the photographer in 2014. She married her first boyfriend and has two children. He still lives in Peterborough.

Written by Krishna Thapa

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